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Companionship and Emotional Support

This is the most flexible piece of doula work. Clients and their families may need a doula to:

-Spend time with someone who is in hospice at home whose family works and cannot be there all day (similar to eldercare, but with specific focus on and knowledge of end of life care)

-Facilitate conversations with clients and/or family about the end of life process and what that might look like for a client's given situation; answer questions about the end of life process with compassion and knowledge

-Help a client craft their life planning documents to be sure that their end of life health care wishes are known

-Provide education about funeral and burial/cremation options

-Help create a sacred space (note "sacred" in this sense does not have to be religious) with the client's input on colors, music, scents, lighting, etc.

This is just a partial list. Part of the joy of doula work is its flexibility. If you get in touch for a complimentary consultation, we can discuss any other services you may need.

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